West Elm and Steelcase Partner for Better Workspaces

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West Elm has long been an option for anyone who prefers a modern aesthetic. You can find your furniture and textiles in homes across the country. But he is not content to leave his mark on the residential domain. Now it is entering the commercial space through a new partnership with Steelcase.

Steelcase has helped companies build highly functional and very beautiful offices for more than a century. He started as a manufacturer of metal office furniture. Today, it has expanded its offerings to include a broad portfolio of architectural, furniture and technology products and services. And it does all this with sustainability in mind.

As two prominent leaders in their respective fields, a partnership between West Elm and Steelcase makes sense. Through it, they hope to help the modern workplace also make sense. No more lifeless cubicles and austere seas of desks. By working together, these two partners can rely on Steelcase’s knowledge about building quality office spaces while incorporating the residential feel of West Elm. The result is workplaces that feel less like prisons and more like homes.

West Elm and Steelcase come together for well-being in the workplace

West Elm has been developing contract-grade office furniture since 2015, and growth has been seen in this area since then. The company attributes that growth to “commitment to three key values that inform [its] designs: well-being, residential inspiration and choice.” Who wouldn’t want to work in an office that keeps their mental health and comfort at the forefront? According to both companies, that is the objective of this collaboration.

“Steelcase and West Elm share the spirit of improving the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of people at work,” says Allan Smith, vice president of global marketing for Steelcase. “Together, we aspire to help organizations create inspiring and high-performance workplaces where people can be very engaged and do their best work.”

The office of the future

The modern workplace has been changing for years. Companies have sought ways to maximize their square footage while creating spaces that attract the best talent and motivate them to do their best work. At the same time, the current workforce has demanded greater flexibility. Across the country, companies have been exchanging cubicles for open floor plans and conference tables for ping pong tables. Today’s office furniture cannot simply be functional; It must also be fun, comfortable and versatile.

It makes sense, then, for a leader in office design (like Steelcase) to look for a leader in home decoration (like West Elm). By reflecting what we love about our homes in our workplaces, we could also fall in love with where we work. And employees who like where they work are more likely to show up on time, be stimulated creatively and remain in their long-term positions. In summary, investing in the products of this new association of Steelcase and West Elm could help companies keep turnover low and build their best equipment.

If you wish to obtain more information about the product line that will be available as a result of this association, you can register here. Steelcase promises more information this summer.

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