Professional secrets for the perfect tile splatter plate

Choosing a beautiful mosaic for your splash guard is just the first step in creating a memorable kitchen or bathroom. If you have the confidence and the right tools, your splash guard project can be a DIY victory. Due to the time-sensitive nature of setting up mosaics and the difficulty of undoing mosaic errors, you will need advice to create your own professional-style splash guard. Here are our favorite professional secrets:

See your mosaic in a large sample before committing

Many owners and designers have been surprised when the tile they ordered arrives at the workplace. What the perfect tile looked like when looking at a small sample can be quite different on several square feet on a kitchen or bathroom splash plate. If you cannot see photos of a project of a scale similar to yours, consider buying some square feet of your sheet mosaic to see how it will look in your space.

Choose the appropriate grout color for your splash guard

The trend of dark grout has been popular for some years, but it is not for everyone. Choosing white grout or matching your grout with the mosaic will give it a flawless appearance, especially in a large area against splashes. Dark grout lines with light tiles are elegant but can be occupied for large-scale areas.

Follow the sewing size recommendations for your mosaic

Grout lines are important when placing the mosaic. Tile comes with grout line size recommendations that are important to follow for a professional appearance. If you are making a DIY splash guard, invest a little in tile spacers, even if you are using tiles attached to the mesh sheets. The mosaic sheets facilitate the configuration of the mosaic, but it is important to match the grout lines between each sheet with the lines already established in the pattern so that the overall design is symmetrical.

Know where to stop your splash guard

There is nothing worse than finishing your tile splatter plate project and realize that it does not line up with a cabinet or window line. Plan your splash guard stop and start before you start setting up the mosaic. You can also play with him. The latest trends in kitchens and bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling tiles, rather than a small splash guard.

Use a mosaic border or a bullnose for a finished look

The installation of a matching rounded edge or mosaic on the edges of the splash guard is a crucial step to achieve a professional-looking design. Buying mosaics that have matching rounded edges available will make your project much easier, but you can improvise with a mosaic border of a similar color.

Buy 10 percent more tiles to break

Tile breakage is a reality when tile is installed, even for tile professionals. Professionals buy 10 percent more chips than they will need for a splash guard to make sure they have enough. Some mosaics may have variations in color and texture from one lot to another, so it is better to buy them all at once as professionals do.

Create a tile accent design behind your range for a luxurious appearance

Your splash guard is an important focal point for your new kitchen. Take your design to the next level by creating a wall accent design on your stove or stove. Using your built-in ventilation hood or microwave as your size guide, you can create a splash guard inside a splash shield. Your accent can be as simple as using your splash guard mosaic in a different pattern or color, or as elaborate as an intricate mosaic with a mosaic edge.

Electrical outlets can be a problem for your splash guard

Let’s be honest: electrical outlets in many kitchen and bathroom splashes are a nuisance. Even in professional splash protection projects, poorly positioned or poorly chosen outlets can ruin a beautiful design. We need those outlets and the location may be beyond our control, but there are ways to avoid them and maintain their magnificent splash guard design. That’s how:

  • If you are designing a mosaic accent strip on your splash guard, place it above or below your starting line.
  • Tiles and white splash accents can incorporate standard white outlets with style, as they disappear when they come together.
  • Buy exit cover options in colors that match your splash guard tile. There are options beyond white or beige available now.
  • Smart companies have created pop-up outlets for kitchens that can leave their splash guard free of wall-mounted outlet covers. Your electrician can give you more information on how to make this work in your kitchen.

There is no shame in hiring a tile professional for your splash guard project

It can be an absolute rock star when it comes to DIY home projects, but maybe the mosaic is out of your comfort zone. It is totally okay to hire a professional for your splash guard if you do not want to assume it yourself. You can save your time and talent for another project.


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